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What is Capoeira?

A Brazilian martial art that incorporates dance and music.

Founded by Africans who were enslaved in Brazil, who used it to fight against oppression and turn their situation into a beautiful thing. Sometimes called "game" instead of fight or martial art.

Capoeiristas gather in a circle called a roda, and take turns either playing instruments or fighting in the center of the circle.

An acrobatic martial art that uses mainly kicks, sweeps, and headbutts.

They were developed by slaves who had to hide their practices from those who oppressed them. Development was influenced by African ritual dances, Afro-Brazilian dances, and regional Brazilian dances such as lundu.

Music plays an important role in capoeira; the berimbau is considered the soul of capoeira. The word capoeira can refer to the game, music, or dance performed within it.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines fighting, sport, music, and dance. It was created by people who had been brought to Brazil from Africa as slaves. The game is played within a circle of people who clap hands and sing.

The players form a roda (pronounced HOE-dah).

They use music, strategy, and acrobatics to play the game. In the 19th century,

capoeira was banned in Brazil but it continued secretly for many years.

Mestre Bimba (MES-treh BEE-m-bah) was the first capoeirista to teach capoeira openly in Brazil since it had been banned.

Two groups hold regular classes in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Capoeira combines martial arts, dance and music and has a long history in Brazil.



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